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    Bug photos.

    wow, first post here in AGES, and its about bugs...interesting. 1 - Pretty fly for a white fly... two flys getting jiggy on my washing line. 2/3 - a different fly, on my ping pong table. he's actually 'stunned', i wacked him with my thong. 4/5 - dead and dried up lizard. 6 - spider attacking a...
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    whats it worth? giant AC w/ fruit

    maybe be buying a bike, just not sure how much it may be worth. not too sure on all the specs or details about some specs. here's a quick list. 2003/4 (?) Giant AC Chris King Hubs, front and Rear Hayes 9 8" F/R Marzochi Shiver Single Crowns rock shox deluxe??? rear shock titec riser bars not...
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    Orange 224 Preview @

    Orange 224 Preview @ haha, ASH
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    Whos still riding?

    Im still here. riding as much as 5 times a week, lust local stuff. after work and uni. saw some guy on a Le toy near the east freo domino's if anyone knows who that might be..sweet bike. Im usually out in the hills every 2nd sunday, depending on weather and transport. ASH
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    you do realise that the trials kings are no more...unless they got back together? their sites been down for a while now. which is a shame. Danny from the trials king was one of my favorite riders to watch. he had style oozing out his ears. ASH edit- done some searching. Some OLD trials kings...
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    Taken with Nikon coolpix 5900 some of mine, not my best, but my most recent 'better' ones...first two ARE photoshopped slightly. 1- blurred image superimposed on focused background 2- my eye with photoshopped bike in pupil. 3- sunset at my mates farm over dam 4- little snail, missed focus...
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    12" Red Bull Bike! w/ DEEMAX!

    sheesh, some of you guys are a bit aggressive. its just a bike, took me a few hours to make. brodes, sounds like you need a good root. Rik, the decals are just run of the mill decal sheet, i bought a few sheets from the hobby shop, then printed the designs on myslef. clearcoat over the top to...
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    12" Red Bull Bike! w/ DEEMAX!

    Had some spare time and some extra cashola. The frame was found about 1 year ago in the council rubbish pick-up, the rest of the bike i found last last week in the same thing. All up cost me about $25 in paint and decals. Im pretty happy with the outcome, will take my time and be a bit more...
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    This Dude is Hardcore

    not a bad effort. ASH
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    Best Ad Ever...

    Ok. they used 15000 actors/volunteers, who were paid in...believe it or not...carlton draught. the ad was not CGI, and i think was shot in new zealand. cost was about $1,000,000 from memory. there was a brief article in the West Australian a few weeks back regarding this ad. and here-...
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    green? pink?

    Is that a SAN MARCO azoto saddle?! hahaha, thats classic. they are one of the best triathlon saddles around, that or the new 'Aspide' version. hey, as they say "if it feels good. DO IT". ASH
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    Cool Things to Buy In America

    you can get them here in Aus, however MAGlites are so cheap over there. you can grab a 4 'D' cell mag lite torch for about $10. i got two! buy anything from walmart and you can return it (used or otherwise) within 3 months NO QUESTIONS asked. this was handy when i was living there and returned...
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    A trick i'd like to see backflip x-up...old stuff now
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    Its a big ad..

    This has been kicking around for a while now...surprised it hasn't surfaced here yet. ASH ps- if link dosent work. copy and paste or type it into your browser.
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    In MY Day... girlfriend wants me to sell/throw out my (literally) $1500 of lego and technic. BAH i say. NEVER. i'll be long dead before she prys out the last 4 x 2 stud flat peice out my hand! Where in the world WAS carmen san diego? i never finished that game. the only games a i played right...