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    Maxxis DHF deformation.

    I've seen this happen to tubeless Ardent, High Roller 2 and Ikons. If you got these from your LBS they should be able to warranty them. We get our tires from KWT and they've warrantied all of the ones we've sent them.
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    The Walking Dead

    I would wager that being the most boring uneventful "filler" episode yet.
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    Washing Machine Mechanic/ Old Wives Tales Help!

    Run some vinegar through it on a hot wash. Fabric softener is a washing machines worst enemy too.
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    QLD WTB Small hardtail or dually

    My girlfriend has decided she wants to try her hand at some mountain biking Chasing a decent 26er 100-120mm travel hardtail or dually She has around $600 to spend but would consider more for the right bike. Please PM me what you have.
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    Avid Brake Bleeding: issues with syringes

    You need the Avid Pro bleed kit with these syringes, I have a set at work and they're worth their weight in gold. Stock Avid ones have one place and one place only, in the bin.
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    Chunt of the year.

    For me it's got to be the cock who turns up to the shop I work in at 9am two days before Christmas with his 5yo little boy to get a bike. All well and good except for the fact old mate and his Mrs are shit faced drunk, swearing like troopers and they ended up pretty much forcing him to get a...
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    VIC Sold

    I'm keen, PM'ed you.
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    VIC Sold Sold Sold

    If you were a mechanic you'd know that's a 13 model. The 14 has 40s and a CCDB coil and is white, black with red highlights.
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    Do you need carbon wheels?

    Wide lightenings are absolute rubbish mate. I have a customer who has a set on his 27.5 nomad as temporary wheels. They're less than a month old and are nearly fucke. The rear hub is a unreliable and the rims are far too soft.
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    Crash Pics Thread

    Bmx track . My face 0. Wind caught my bike going for a triple.
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    Evil Undead

    I curtently work in a shop in Toowoomba. Will PM you tonight
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    Iron Horse Sunday linkage parts

    Oh so you can just get standard bolts for them? Sweet, didn't know that. Thanks heaps!
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    Evil Undead

    Who is the Aus importer for Evil? Or are they direct sales?
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    Iron Horse Sunday linkage parts

    Hey guys I'm trying to help my friend restore her old 09 Sunday and it desperately needs new linkage bolts and bearings, does anyone know where I might be able to find some? I know they're not made anymore so I'll be most likely looking for old stock or second hand in good nick. Any help will be...
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    QLD WTB vintage DH parts circa 98

    Chasing vintage 98 model DH parts to go on my M1 frame Cranks, brakes, hubs, rims, bars, and drivetrain Located Toowoomba happy to pay post Price: Lets see whats out there and we can negotiate. Would prefer silver or raw finish. This is what I have so far