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    All Mountain Tyres

    That's exactly the tire I've been waiting for from Maxxis! Fingers crossed they make a version around 2.2 - 2.25 with an exo casing that weights about the same as an Ikon for XC/ light trail bikes as all the other semi slicks are to burly and wide for those types of bikes.
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    Effing Spider webs

    The spiders are getting ridiculous at my local trails at Albury at the moment, as they do every year about this time. You can ride a track and clear it and then come back about 30 minutes later and the bastards already have a few new strands up. The spiders we get are Golden Orbs which have a...
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    ROAD Project All Road - Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra Di2 Disc

    Bike has arrived! Hopefully I get a chance to build it up tomorrow. In the mean time here are the parts I've accumulated for the build. A pair of GP 4000S II, because I've been nothing but impressed with the ones I've had, in a wide 28mm for a smooth comfy ride. Prologo Zero II CPC...
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    ROAD Project All Road - Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra Di2 Disc

    I've measured the clearance and the tightest is the chainstays at about 34mm. The widest tire I'm planning on using at the moment is 30mm, although a few people have said they come in closer to 32mm. Between having a MTB background, only weighing 66 kg and being young, I think 32mm will be...
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    ROAD Project All Road - Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra Di2 Disc

    All of Cannondale's 2015 cross bike's come with Sram hydro disks......... But seriously most of my riding will still be on road, including hopefully regular mountain climbs up Falls/ Hotham/ Buffalo, some rather fast group rides and a road race here and there. So something that doesn't slow...
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    ROAD Project All Road - Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra Di2 Disc

    Not sure how well a road bike will be recieced here, but here goes. New bike time! What I have planned is a high performance road bike for riding off the beaten track (roads?). My riding lately has been featuring a fair few dirt roads and rougher country roads, so a bike that I can use to...
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    2015 Giant Reign owners

    I think there may be a few Giant Anthem owners that would disagree with that....... :behindsofa:
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    E13 TRS+ Wheelset Experiences

    Just a little bump! How are everyone's wheels going? The GT Force I'm eying off has the 650B TRS+ but feedback on other models will be appreciated
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    Pump Track Bike Setup

    Link with a bit more detail on that pictured Stumppumper if anyone is interested. Specialized Stumppumper Concept Bike - The Ultimate Pump Track Weapon
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    740mm handlebar & 70mm stem combo

    A bit late now but Ritchey Trail bar and stem come in those lengths and have a really nice subtle finish.
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    ADF YOU session

    Grave dig! Any tips for anyone that's done their YOU session recently? General advice would be good but I'm specifically after advice in regards to the extra questions I'll get asked going for an officer position. I've seen mention of a short response/ mini essay that I'll need to do, does...
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    What Year Model Is This Fork

    Thank you everyone for the quick replies! Not knowing the year model was bugging me. So there's no way to extend the fork to 140mm?
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    SCHWALBE TYRES MEGATHREAD: read this thread before posting new ones

    Schwalbe Hans Dampf Tire Pressures? Just wondering what pressures others are running this tire at? I weigh a bit under 70kg with kit and have a 26 x 2.35 Snakeskin on an 18mm internal rim set up tubeless which I've dropped to 22psi and I'm still not getting any squirm or any sign I'm running...
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    What Year Model Is This Fork

    Just wondering if someone could identify what year model this fork is. As far as I can figure it is a Fox F-32 Factory RLC 15mm Fit Kashima. I'd also be interested to know if it has internally adjustable travel as I'd like to be able to change it from it's current 120mm to 140mm. I've got more...
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    What Bottom Bracket Do I Need?

    Thanks for the quick replies. One more question, what tools would I need to remove the old bottom bracket and install the new one?