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    NSW Delete please

    I'm guessing he doesn't want to split the frame....
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    Yup boys

    The old days. Good editing Mugger.
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    Yup boys

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    Yup boys

    Northshore is looking good to. The shuttlemobile is running tight. 20min shuttle for a 45min run anyone?
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    Japan Earthquake

    I was in Tokyo for the earthquake. On podium level at Oimachii station.... F*cking terrifying. I will be back in Japan on Thursday, flying into Fukuoka and making my way up to Tokyo. I think that now a bit order has been restored that Tokyo will be safe enough. Thanks for the links...
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    Yup boys

    Urinating or jaking off? Is it just me or does EMF look like he is touching himself inappropriately in the second last photo?
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    05 Navara Opinions- decent deal?

    Just make sure it is a 4wd. They made 2wds that look exactly the same.
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    new Aussie Top Gear, what do we think so far?

    I thought so too but the track really does look too tight for an old ute with a single spinner. I think a current model base falcodore ute with LSD would be a better bet.
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    new Aussie Top Gear, what do we think so far?

    Only saw some of it but i liked it. Very Australian. That is good.
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    Dont Tase Me Bro!...

    I know that 5 trained professionals should be able to handle one weaponless person with no difficulty. I think id tasers were used instead of a gun that is fine. What I think you will find though is that they will be used as a first resort instead of a last resort. Intimidation should be...
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    Dont Tase Me Bro!...

    I think that video is an example of why police SHOULD NOT have tasers. If 5 police can not handle that guy they should not be police. The guy had no weapon and never tried to harm anyone. The use of a tazer in that situation is pathetic.
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    Re-Instate Mt. Tamborine Downhill Trail Campaign

    Count me in Count me in. Post up the what, wheres and whens as appropriate. This is the best track around the GC in my opinion and needs to be kept open.
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    Tambo Dump Run closed within the month

    It must have been a DHer who took a log behind the monument. I mean the other people who go there (tourists, bushwalkers etc) don't even crap ever so it couldn't have been them.
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    The last movie you've last watched last

    Bad Boy Bubby Jesus. Most messed up Australian movie I have ever seen.
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    Yup boys

    I assume you are talking about Japan? I just got back. The riding is pretty good, the culture and nightlife is out of control. I highly recommend it.