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    Commencal Vs Canyon

    Agreed, I ended up buying a Commencal but would have preferred the Canyon.
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    E-Bike Batteries

    I doubt anyone will be repacking theses batteries. They are spot welded in and even removing a single faulty cell will be next to impossible (at a cost effective price). I looked into the cost of building a pack and it would be around $400 (retail not wholesale) for quality cells and a BMS...
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    Post your all mountain bike

    Guy at work ordered a Spectral, had it in his had 4 working days later, that's pretty good.
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    32 Jumps - Tuggernong - 110 seconds of yee haaaa

    I also love the pines, such a fun place to spend a few hours. Sadly I haven’t been there since I broke my leg (at Stromlo) 18 months ago. :(
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    Thredbo New All Mountain Trail

    Are you sure? That looks a lot like the Flow trail to me. I haven't been up there for 2 years though.
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    The "I will ride _____km in 2020" thread - commit and conquer here!!

    Going to aim for 2000, Only did around 600 last year but a broken leg does limit your riding somewhat. I guess if I am going to record all my rides I'll need a shiny new GPS! It is my b'day soon ;-)
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    2015 Santa Cruz Bronson V2

    Nice build. I am looking at upgrading my V1 Bronson (alloy) to the V2 carbon at the end of this year. I figure I need to get at least 3 years between upgrades or I am just wasting money and frames are soooo expensive these days. Or I might just try one of those Canyon frames. Sorry to hear...
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    Canyon Australia

    So I am guessing those price don't include GST and other customs/import duties? If not then you need at add at least 15% if not 20%. I wouldn't mind grabbing a frame when they are available. Cheers
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    Glory vs nukeproof scalp

    2010 to 2012 Glory's have a 65.5 degree head angle. I'd go for something slacker if I were you and just starting out in DH. The head angle on the Scalp is 63 degrees, its going to be longer, slacker and more stable, probably lower as well. Would be an easy choice for me based on that alone...
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    2016 Trek Remedy 9

    A couple of mates picked up the Remedy 8 29'er (2015) real cheap and it comes with skinny bars. A bit odd given 29'ers generally have wider bars.
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    ACT Kona Operator 2011 SOLD

    Sold Gone........
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    Canberra Magpies …?

    Also never been swooped on any trails in 12 years of Canberra MTB riding. Just stay away from any open areas and suburban bike paths / parks.
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    Crash Pics Thread

    Well its been exactly 1 year since I had all that sweet medical grade titanium inserted into my leg. The leg is still shit but getting better slowly, I have been riding for about 2 months now. Slowly getting fitter but lack the confidence to ride like I used to. I guess that's just a part of...
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    New XT.

    I now agree, that method is no good for new 1X11 setups. I have added 2 links and its all much better now. Concede I fucked up, move along nothing to see here....:whistle:
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    New XT.

    Hmm ok, will add 2 links before the weekend. Cheers