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    Tathra MTB Enduro. Entries open.

    Is there still time for late entry? The schedule mentions: "Race registration and entry for: Bega Cheese Children’s Chase 2km, Tathra Beach Family Park 10km prologue, Tathra Country Club 20km, Goat’s Knob 50km and King Nelba 100km " Does that mean you can enter the 100km on the day or is...
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    Post your 29er!

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    Back protection

    The vid is a bit misleading hey, but i think they are trying to show that you can wear the protector with out the bag cargo section attached which assumably just zips on.
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    Back protection

    Bag with back protector These guys do a bag with a back protector in them
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    What's your hip angle at the top of your pedal stroke?

    Looking at that video the setup on that bike appears to have a significant amount bar drop compared to the saddle, looks more setup for xc racing. Another thing to consider that effects hip angle is your height and crank length...for example a 6' rider using 175mm cranks will have a shallower...
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    Avoiding dehydration

    More on sugar Sugar is important as it also allows the body to absorb water via the same osmotic process that electrolites so a sugary drink is better than water alone, however, there is a fine balance as the sugar water mix must not exceed 8-9% sugar(glucose) or upto 15% using a...
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    Paterson Kona 24 Hour - May 21/22, 2011.

    if we could get the AROC guys in to sweep that fireroad that would be great :rolleyes:
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    Paterson Kona 24 Hour - May 21/22, 2011.

    'A' line Why not make it an 'A' line and have a longer 'B' line of switchbacks or something of the sorts? Then the teams and 6x6ers can smash it up the 'A' line and us solo's can smash it for the first 6hrs the drag our tiredness up the 'B' line for the next 18hrs. ;)
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    Paterson Kona 24 Hour - May 21/22, 2011.

    he might be too busy pushing me up the hill ;)
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    Paterson Kona 24 Hour - May 21/22, 2011.

    in this scenario 'gear up' translate to 'multiple gears' or '36:19'?
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    Paterson Kona 24 Hour - May 21/22, 2011.

    I paid good laundry money to get my pedals off the ground :p Thinking of attending? yes, someone else is pretty keen for me to do it (I think they want a turn in the pits)... Are you thinking of backuping up solo 24's? Are you looking for another rider for Mal's team? we should have shares in...
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    Paterson Kona 24 Hour - May 21/22, 2011.

    sounds like a taut chain, a stiff upper lip and some CX skills are required :eek:
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    Paterson Kona 24 Hour - May 21/22, 2011.

    potential pain a soloist may endure if one were to compare the pain that the Paterson climb may dispense upon a soloist rider to say the climbs at the wsc at stromlo, would one say that it is more like the first climb(up the front of Stromlo) or the second(bastard pinchy) climb out the back of...
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    National 24 solo champs in 2011?

    Some more photo's, day, night and podium
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    Wagga 6hr - March 27

    Website is down website is down