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    UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2013: Vallnord, Andorra

    Mitch Delfs featuring the guys who posted spoilers.
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    Mirin' set up. Stared powerlifting seriously a bit under a year ago. Numbers are up to 200kg squat, 120 bench and 230 dead @ 89kg.
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    Weights training noob question

    This is bullshit. Splits are a terribly inefficient way to train. While it may yield some results, full body weight routines coupled with cardio specific training outside of the weight sessions has always been the most effective way to train, especially for beginners, and doubly so for those...
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    Sup Farkers. Don't think I've posted on here in a good year or so. Hope you're all doing well, and getting strong.
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    Metal, Hardcore, Punk and everything inbetween

    Sydney. Fucking ridiculous, one of the best nights of my life.
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    Women, etc.

    Technically, legally, you are. However, snitches get stitches, and all that. You're still in NSW, yeah? They sort of can, but it's as an alternative to gaol (same as community service, etc). But even then, if she's growing heaps of it, good chance of her getting locked up anyway. NSW Courts...
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    Whats the best beer you've had & why?

    Awesome, this is only about a 45 minute trip from me. Any tips? I feel like I'd be a kid in a candy store. Tried 3 different pale ales this weekend. Gage Roads Atomic Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Little Creatures Pale Ale, with the L.C. being the only one I've had before. Surprising...
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    Is reading a book part of a cross-training exercise regime

    Seems legit. I saw a lady reading a novel whilst driving on the F3 once.
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    Uni life thread

    Yes. I switched from a B/Social Science at the end of 2010 into my current program, a double degree of B/Laws and B/Communications. If it's an obviously good career choice, and the new degree is something you thoroughly enjoy, I say go for it. I'm so glad I did. The only negative I felt was...
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    Been lurking this thread for ages without posting anything, so here goes. Quick update. Sitting at around 87kg up from about 82 at the start of May. Progress has been going really well, managed 200kg x 3 on deadlifts last night, which I'm super happy with. Starting next week I'm going to do a...
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    Playstation 3 Thread

    Finally got my ps3 connected to a proper, HD TV with an HDMI cable. So much better. Going to buy Oblivion and pre-order Arkham City: GOTY edition sometime in the next couple of weeks, I reckon.
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    Bunch of little injuries holding me back the last 2 weeks. But progress has been great up until now. Hovering around 87kg bodyweight. Squatted 160kg x 2, Deadlifted 192.5kg x 5. Still only benching 110. Lulz.
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    So what Olympics sports shouldn't be in the Olympics and what should be?!

    All the examples OP listed, as well as majority of the team sports. Brought in: Powerlifting. A traditional 3-lift sort of comp. Raw. Downhill (of course). MOD EDIT: my point exactly...
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    Started something new today. Modified version of 5/3/1, based off what powerlifter Ben Rice was doing. Basically everything gets hit twice a week in this manner: Day 1) Deads + bench assistance Day 2) Squats + OHP assitance Day 3)Bench + Deadlift assistance Day 4) OHP + Squat assistance Or...
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    Get the girls with our special weight-loss dieting techniques

    Sweet read MWII, thanks. What's your current routine look like, if you don't mind me asking?